Dating a critical person

Nit-picking or henpecking can also be a way to control a love interest. When the relationship feels out of their control, or some aspect of life feels this way, using a stream of criticism can help the instigator feel in control of something - you.

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  6. Denver Psychologist: Understand an Over-Critical Partner.

In this situation, it's helpful to talk to a trusted third party, like a therapist at Center for Shared Insight , who can discuss how to manage a controlling partner. Every relationship is plagued by at least one challenging dynamic. Overtime, these challenges can evolve depending on what an individual partner is experiencing, inside or outside the relationship. If you need support and tips for initiating the fearless dialogue necessary to overcome this relationship dynamic, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your feelings in detail.

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How to Deal with Critical People

She has experience in the following issues that co-ccour or contribute to relationship issues: Mallaree Blake specializes in pregnancy, infertility, and postpartum health and wellness. She also has experience working with clients around sexuality, sexual health, relationship issues, and LGBTQ and cultural identity issues. Before scheduling your first session, CSIP offers a free initial phone consultation up to 20 min. During this conversation, together, we will determine whether our therapists will be able to provide the services that will best meet your needs.

Center for Shared Insight is a safe place for clients and families of all ages, genders, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and walks of life. Fearless Living and Loving Hiring Now! Therapy for your dating, relationships and beyond. It's already rising within you. Changing relationships, families and communities through nurturing self-aware, empowered, secure and healthy individuals. Enhance your relationship with yourself and with others. Criticism protects Perhaps your partner has been hurt repeatedly in relationships.

How to Deal with Critical People

Control wins Nit-picking or henpecking can also be a way to control a love interest. Meet Our Team Dr.

Welcome Center for Shared Insight is a safe place for clients and families of all ages, genders, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and walks of life. If your boyfriend is critical to the extent of disrespecting your personality or nature, it would warrant that you take a stand or else you would end up losing your self-respect.


If you act like a doormat he will end up treating you like one. Remember that healthy relationships allow for space to accommodate eccentricities and personality flaws in the partners, but there is a threshold to everything.

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  • Next time he is critical of you, just tell him bluntly that you find his attitude irritating and that his remarks are hurting and disturbing. If you find his criticism unreasonable or hurting, just let it show in your body language. You can distance yourself from him emotionally and physically till he realizes the consequences of his actions.

    Dating: Relationship Red Flags

    It may be that your boyfriend does not even realize that he has a critical nature. Some people tend to act critical quite unconsciously. This is of course no excuse to let him get away with it. It will be incumbent upon you to give him a straight talk on the harmful effects of having a judgmental or critical attitude towards people, especially the close ones.

    What we feel internally is what we show externally. So if your boyfriend is critical towards you it would indicate that he is also self-critical, though he may not expose it or it might just be an unconscious pattern in him. You can easily find out if he has hidden insecurities within him by observing his behavior in public and private situations.

    1. Don’t Take It Personally

    Fear and aggression go hand in hand and criticism is a form of aggression that usually stems from some inner fear or insecurity.